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To give inspiration is to give hope.

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I'm Abby, I love to inspire others.

I am a wife, a mother, a nurse practitioner, a daughter of Christ and a lover of inspiration. I grew up on the small island of Nassau Bahamas which is a country that embraces the culture in its music, stories and everyday life. It was there I developed my love for inspiration through creativity.

Throughout my life I have faced many obstacles and have embraced my faith and creativity to help me get through them. Over the past twenty years I have been creating short plays and dramas for my church and local community. I have had the opportunity to speak in different settings such as church events, Bible studies and health events. I love public speaking as it allows me to touch the hearts of

people in an authentic way.

Fourteen years ago I became a mom and that is when I truly began telling stories. It was at a time of my life when I was ill and did not have much true energy to pour into my children during the day. However, at night while I tucked them in bed I would muster up the mental strength to give them the best part of me through my imagination. Bedtime stories became the most precious interaction I had with my children during those difficult years. It is those stories that inspired my book series The Adventures of Bugzy and Bugwy.

Today, I am healthier and my children are older. I now want to share my gift and inspire you to embrace your own creativity to help you overcome life’s obstacles.


My Offerings

Female Speaker

Public Speaking

In times like these, inspiration is in high demand.

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Words are the bridge to inspiration and hope.


"A heart warming, wonderful and funny story.  I read aloud to a 4th grade class and the loved it."

SA - Librarian 

"Wow, what a great speech.  You are a fabulous story teller."


"Thank you for the presentation. Wonderfully done; speaking as if to a best friend in the same room."


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